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Ok, I got it
Summer Day http://99mockingbirds.com/


hi! Welcome to Inspiira official website. So what's Inspiira? and What does it mean? Well, Inspiira is actually our group/band. We sing and dance. The group name is made from the word "Inspired". We decide to diform it and make it more cool. So if you're interested check out our profiles and our recent work down here :) Here's the link of our youtube channel and our livejournal.
Inspiira quote: We are not professionals so don't judge us so seriously. We are doing our best even though we're not too good.


I posted on our youtube account the preview of our cover of "I don't care"-2NE1
And I, Cam, wanted to announce that, Our Maknae Miska has decided to quit inspiira. I'm sorry.. More covers coming up soon.

The member's profile are done!
3 videos are uploaded on youtube! We sang :

- 'You'(Homemade kazoku)
- 'TPL'(anyband)
- 'Let's not..'(Suju)

So feel free to comment on our vids and add us :D
Dang will be going on vacation on July 2th and return 2 weeks later. And Miska will have to go vacation after Dang for 1 week too. So can't really advance in our future projects. So We decided to post some solos singing soon :)